How To Reset Canon MX 366 Printer

message indicate and Error Code "E07" "E08" in the control panel of the printer it means "Waste Ink Absorber Full".

first we need to download MX366 Service tools or a software to reset canon MX366 printer: Here

After downloading the Canon MX366 Service tools
here step and How to Reset Canon MX366 Printer error code "E07" or "E08"

1. Canon MX366 printer should be in SERVICE MODE.
2. Turn off the Canon MX366 Printer with power cord still attached to the position of the source of electric current.
3. Press and Hold the  STOP / RESET button.
4. Press and hold the Power button with out Releasing STOP / RESET button.
5. Release the STOP / RESET button and the power button remained Press and Hold.
6. Press the STOP / RESET 5 TO 6x (5 to 6 times.) and release both buttons simultaneously.
7.Then the Canon MX366 will be in service mode and LCD Panel will turn to Black
9. Extract the Canon Service tools that you download.
10. Run the canon Service tool.
11. Click Auto in menu and Unchecked all Boxes.
12. Click Main in menu be sure the Clear Ink Counter and Ink Absorber Counter is set to Main.
13. Click the Counter Value set to 0 and then Click the set button.
13. Then Turn Off the printer.
14. Turn On the printer and it back to normal again and you can now start printing.

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  1. very helpful article, thanks.

  2. sir, how about canon mx437, you have reseter?

  3. Sir 3680 Service Tool and mx366 Sam as??????????????

  4. This is not working on me.. If I do press the stop 6 times it only show a blue color. How can I get that Service Mode?? Please do help me.. Thank You! I believe you can..